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Francesca Rome-Marie

Psych Mental Health NP

I offer something rarely found today-- trauma and evidence-informed, holistic, and integrative psychiatric care focused on LGBTQIA+ patients; in short, therapy, medication, and bio-interventions all in one place! As a PCP and HIV specialist for several years, I saw how fragmented and chaotic health care is today. I offer interventions from both a lived and trained perspective, including psychoanalysis, somatic, queer, and mindfulness theory/ perspectives. I see only a small panel of patients so I can focus time and energy on each, both inside and outside of sessions, to move things steadily forward. I work with many people struggling with suicidal ideation, anxiety, trauma, and/ or ADHD. I work with sex workers and others whose consensual sex practices puts them at risk of marginalization.

Francesca Rome-Marie, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC (she/her/hers)