Erica F Zajac

Sex Positive Therapist
Trauma, LGBTQIA+, Personality D/O
LCSW, MBT-Certified

Erica is an experienced empathetic psychotherapist who specializes in Trauma, Personality D/o, and issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community. They utilize a variety of techniques which are evidenced based including psychodynamic, DBT, MBT, trauma informed care. E has a holistic, integrated, person centered non-judgemental approach. Erica has a unique, eclectic style and at times will recommend unconventional techniques or skills completely tailored to their clients for work in between sessions. E utilizes a variety of skills when working with individuals, couples, or families to help them recognize problematic patterns, attachment issues, and symptom reduction. Please visit my website for more information and may you find your glass slipper provider.

Erica F. Zajac, LCSW (they/them/theirs)