Erica Caparelli

Sex/Sexuality; IPV; Sex Work; LGBTQ+

Welcome! My name is Erica (she/her); I am a queer clinician who believes that all people deserve to live free, safe, and pleasurable lives. In the therapy room, I work in collaboration with clients from a stance of humility, non-judgment, and curiosity, empowering them to achieve whatever contentment looks like for them. My approach is anti-oppressive and trauma-informed, integrating principles of humanistic psychology, systems theory, psychoanalysis, CBT, mindfulness, and education. In addition to treating clients with various mental health concerns, I offer support to clients around issues of sex, pleasure, and intimacy; interpersonal trauma including rape, sexual assault, DV/IPV, and child abuse; gender and sexual identity; and navigating BDSM, kink, or work in the sex industry.