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Eric Almond

LGBTQ+/Religious & Racial Trauma

Living in this country as a Black queer cis-male, I bring a rich blend of personal and professional experiences to my practice. Grounded in an intersectional and humanistic approach, I aim to address the diverse facets of your identities in navigating today's world. My therapeutic toolkit encompasses strengths-based, solution-focused, trauma-informed, harm reduction, sobriety support, self-harm management, and spiritual exploration techniques. I firmly believe in our capacity to shape our destinies, and I am dedicated to guiding you toward realizing your fullest potential by providing a safe and empowering space for growth and self-discovery. With a focus on introspection and resilience, we'll explore your strengths, empowering you to overcome obstacles with confidence and authenticity.

Eric Almond, LMSW (he/him/his)