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Eleanor Kallo

Gender & Disability Affirming

Congratulations on making it here! Looking for a therapist is a huge step towards healing & growth, and I'm so glad you've come here. Whether you're exploring gender, relational or affectional orientation, or a changing dis/ability status, I would be honored to walk alongside you though that journey. I utilize somatic-centered therapies, a Disability Justice orientation, and unconditional gender affirmation to support you as you reconnect to that truest sense of self, the one that knows your inherent worth. In this work, we will explore how your past experiences and traumas keep you stuck. Then, strengthened by that increased awareness, we begin charting the course of change you’d like to follow.

**Currently accepting clients only in the state of Michigan.**

Mx. Eleanor Kallo, LLPC (they/them/theirs)