Ariel Sheeger

2SLGBTQIA+, Kink, Poly, SexWork

When my clients are with me, they can expect me to treat them with respect, humility, and genuine curiosity about their unique experiences. They can also except to be affirmed for what is right about who they are and challenged to grow. I love working with adults of all ages. People seeking to rekindle intimacy, understand how they argue and do it better, address sexual issues, deal with infidelity, and otherwise realize the relationship’s greatest potential, will have a safe (albeit challenging) experience with me. My clients will find that I am LGBTQIA, sex work, poly, kink, affirming and that my approach is non-pathologizing above all else. I believe in exploring openly and honestly who you are, what has made you YOU– together we build your empowerment and emotional resilience!