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Dmitry Ostrovsky


Hello! My name is Dmitry Ostrovsky and I am an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Mount Sinai and have a private practice. I have experience in treating LGBTQA+ folks from Callen Lorde as well as from my years in group practice. I specialize in interventional psychiatry, medication management [prescribing and de-prescribing] as well as MBT/DBT/CBT/Psychodynamic and existential psychotherapy. I have a specific specialization in the treatment of narcissistic personality disorder and cluster B personality disorders in general. I enjoy psychotherapy more than medication management and find this aspect of my work most rewarding. My view of the therapist’s role is not only to help patients feel understood, but also to assist them in the ongoing process of their self-authorship.

Dr. Dmitry Ostrovsky (he/him/his)