Dee Dee Goldpaugh

Queer/Poly/Psychedelic Integration

My approach to psychotherapy is collaborative, heart-centered, non-hierarchical, and pleasure-focused. I draw upon an eclectic treatment model that includes psychodynamic, sex therapy, somatic, trauma (EMDR), and transpersonal approaches to offer each client a unique and fully-engaged experience that fits their unique needs, identity, and personality. I have special expertise in working with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and assault, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and poly/non-monogamous individuals, couples, and polycules. I am skilled at supporting clients working through previous relational and sexual trauma, addressing sexual dysfunction, and healing relationship conflicts.

I also provide Psychedelic Integration Psychotherapy to assist clients in processing and integrating transpersonal experiences that occur through meditation, shamanic, and entheogenic work. I am skilled at supporting clients after difficult or traumatic experiences with psychedelics including clients who have accessed memories of previous abuse. I have written and taught widely on the topic of psychedelics and sexuality, gender, pleasure, and queerness. Additionally, I offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy in collaboration with a medical doctor in Woodstock, New York. *Please note that I do not under any circumstances provide clients with referrals to “underground” providers or provide treatments that are currently illegal outside of FDA-regulated settings. .