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Cormac Flynn

Executive & Life Coach
NYU Certificate in Coaching

When you have a challenge or a problem, it can help to have someone to help you think through to what you want to do. Someone outside who is on your side. That’s a coach. Coaches help you clarify for yourself what you are trying to achieve, what is stopping you, and how you will overcome.

My approach is defined by humility, curiosity, and unconditional regard for you and your ability to succeed. I bring over 20 years of professional coaching experience and a relaxed, supportive, and empathetic style. I have special competencies helping navigate issues related to identities and lifestyles that incorporate kink, FLR, CNM/ENM, polyamory, gender non-conforming, gender or sexual fluidity or questioning, LGBTQ+ or marginalized sexual and gender identities.

I cannot provide therapy.

Mx. Cormac Flynn