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Chelsey Kapuscinski

Rolfer/Bodyworker/Yoga Teacher
LGBTQ+/CNM/Holistic Pain Trtmt
Certified Rolfer

I offer Rolfing, Thai Bodywork and Private/Duet Yoga sessions. My focus and passion is on a holistic, team-work based approach to resolving pain, posture/alignment problems, excessive tension/stress, and athletic performance issues. Often, chronic or recurring problems have multiple, interconnected root causes that are structural, psycho-emotional and relational. My clinical experience has taught me that the therapeutic environment, in which you as the client feel safe to share who you are and what you experience, is key to achieving lasting improvements in health. I support and affirm LGBTQ+ individuals, those engaged in CNM/poly relationships, and current/former sex workers. I am trained in a specialized, gentle ScarWork technique to help with post-operative recovery.

Chelsey Kapuscinski (she/her/hers)