Caryn Sherbet

LGBTQ+, Body Neutral, Kink, Pleasure
MSW Candidate

As a queer, Jewish, pleasure-oriented therapist, I strive to support clients in realizing their fullest potential for self-efficacy and self-love. Using a strengths-based framework, I work with clients to identify how their core beliefs affect their lives. I use psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, and psychosomatic therapy to help clients process their experiences and build a set of therapeutic skills. My clinical approach seeks to dismantle ways in which homophobia, fatphobia, sex negativity and neurotypical hegemony may impede the healing process. Healing from trauma can be overwhelming, draining, and tedious—I hope to help you shoulder these burdens in a warm, nonjudgmental environment.

I am currently a second year MSW student at Columbia; I work with adults and children.