Bokyung Kim

QTBIPOC, Trauma, Relationships, IFS

I’m Bokyung Kim, LCSW, SIFI (she/they) – a queer, Korean psychotherapist and coach on occupied Lenapehoking. I grew up in Korea, Thailand, The Philippines, Singapore, and landed in New York as an adult. I come from a people that survived colonialism by making delicious food out of plant roots. This informs my dream for us all living beings to be free from the harms of oppressive systems, and find belonging and home in ourselves and relationships.

I am clear that we are made up of multitudes, and I want to co-create a space for all parts of you to be here, by rooting with you in the present and clarity that your inner world is wise and knows your unique path to healing. I care about helping you cultivate trust in yourself as you move through reality and pain from your past. I know that from this place of trust, it’s possible to transform hurts and hard learnings.

Because I honor all your complexities, I like to go at the pace of trust and attune to what’s happening and what might be needed in the moment to increase connection, safety, understanding, and undo aloneness. I bring warmth, flexibility, and energetic presence in the unfolding process.

My approach is intuitive and integrates Interpersonal Neurobiology, Internal Family Systems, Somatic practices, Buddhist Psychology, Attachment theory, and decolonial abolitionist practices.

Bokyung Kim, LCSW, SIFI (she/they)