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Bokyung Kim


I’m a queer polyamorous Korean therapist in New York / Lenapehoking. My work welcomes all people, and centers LGBTQ+ folks and people of color. My craft is in co-creating a collaborative space that is conducive to transforming childhood, relational, and structural trauma.

My interest is in helping you develop a deep, trusting relationship with yourself. My vision is to help you reach your longings, feel more okay, and be more equipped to navigate current challenges and stay in connection by tending to the source of your triggers, symptoms, and emotional pain that makes reality harder for you.

Through an integrative, experiential holistic method that brings together somatics, brain change science, and relational therapies, I help you come into a curious and compassionate relationship with all parts of you, especially the ones that are blocking you from reaching your longings. When we do that, we enter spaces that could unlock the wisdom of your system and potentially unlearn hard untrue things you might have learned in your history.

We will also explore skills that can help you have better boundaries within yourself and with others so you can feel more okay and empowered as you navigate sticky relational moments and hard reality.

I lean on your input to find our way together. I will follow your lead with offering choices, asking for consent, checking for attunement, and being curious about what’s happening for you. I bring warmth, flexibility, and energetic presence in the unfolding process.

I integrate Interpersonal Neurobiology, Internal Family Systems, Somatic practices, Buddhist Psychology, Attachment Theory, and decolonial abolitionist practices.

Bokyung Kim, LCSW, SIFI (she/they)