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Bauer Caroline


My work is focused on competencies with the queer, LGBT, asexual, aromantic, trans/non-binary, poly-amorous, ethically non-monogamous, relationship anarchy, and relationship communism communities, in a sex and body positive environment.

Creating a compassionate and empathetic environment for all clients, I help people feel more at peace with themselves and in their relationships. Working together we can find what areas of your life are working for you and which areas can improve, without judgement. As a white therapist, I promise to do the work of educating myself on communities of color outside of our sessions.

– Individual
– Couples / Polycule
– Family
– Couples 2 for 1 (those primarily not in conflict with one another)
– Ace / Aro groups
– EMDR Trained (EMDR Institute)

Bauer Caroline, LCSW (she/her/hers)