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Anna Goodhand

Autistic Adults/AEDP/Disability

Hi, my name is Anna.

Feeling misunderstood and other-ed can be deeply challenging, especially if you navigate the world with a unique set of experiences or marginalized ones—whether you're part of the queer and/or trans community, Neurodivergent, facing complex trauma, or dealing with chronic illness. I'm Anna, and my therapy work is built on meeting you right where you are. I tailor my approach to fit you—not the other way around.

My goal? To empower you through self-compassion and acceptance, grounded in a deep understanding of the intersections of identity, disability justice, and mental health. I understand the nuances and power of shared lived experiences and seek to empower the people I work with through self-compassion and affirming and unconditionally accepting care.

Anna Goodhand, MHC-LP (they/them/theirs)