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Amy M. Rosenthal


An LGBTQIA+, sex-positive, poly-, and kink-affirming clinician, I welcome people from all racial, ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds, social and economic classes, genders, sexual identities, and orientations to my practice. I specialize in working with writers, actors, musicians, dancers, and other creatives, as well as those who grew up with one or more parents on the borderline/narcissism spectrum who may find themselves in relationships with people with similar traits as an adult--including friends, partners, and employers. Warm and non-judgmental, I strive to provide a safe and trusting relationship within which my patients can explore and clarify difficulties, come to a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and make changes that lead to a more fulfilling life.

Amy M. Rosenthal, LCSW (she/her/hers)