Amina Mbodj

Psychotherapist/Wellness Professional
Relationships, Burnout, LGBTQ+, SW

I am a Black heterofluid cis woman with specific expertise with cultural, ethnic, and racial identity issues, and interpersonal relationship conflict with dyads (siblings, couples, peers, parent-child, etc.) or multiple members (polycules, systems, families). I specialize in working with emerging adults (18-25), especially BIPOC, sex workers, kink/BDSM, interracial couples, LGBTQIA+ folx, poly/CNM, ADHD, and people dealing with complex trauma. I also have wellness credentials in nutritional therapy (NTP), chakra healing (CHP), and yoga trauma informed therapy (YTIT) to bridge the gap between mental health and wellness for clients looking to connect their mind, body, and spirit.