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Alex Schell Dillon

Trauma/Somatic/Sex Therapy

I’m a southern-raised, queer therapist and dancer/actor. I strive to cultivate a space that is holistic, person-centered, strengths-based, and trauma-informed so that you can find access to feeling safe, connected, and authentic. I am passionate about holding space for conversations about our bodies, sex, intimacy, pleasure, and relationships, including topics such as: gender and sexual expression and orientation; desire and arousal; body image and self-worth; the internalization of perfectionism and shame; partner dynamics in traditional and alternative relationship structures.

In addition to drawing on relational and systems-based modalities, I incorporate elements of somatic awareness, movement, and mindfulness to deepen the connection with physiological and emotional cues.

Alex Schell Dillon, LMFT, CCTP (she/her/hers)