On Intimacy: A Therapy Group for Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Women

In a city as vibrant and kinetic as New York and at a time when technology puts interaction at our fingertips, it can feel challenging as ever to find authentic and fulfilling connections. Group therapy is a potent and transformative process for cultivating a stronger and more honest relationship with yourself and others. Led by skilled, queer-identified clinicians, we welcome you to join our safe, and confidential space to explore a variety… Read More

5th Annual AltSex NYC Conference

Organized and produced by Michael Aaron, PhD, LCSW, CST and Dulcinea Pitagora, PhD, LCSW, CST, the 5th annual AltSex NYC Conference provides a local arena for clinical and educational discourse around alternative sexual practices. The phrase “alternative sexuality” is purposefully broad, and inclusive of non-conforming gender identifications and sexual orientations and an intersectionality of gender and sexual expressions. The AltSex NYC Conference is a forum designed to disseminate information in a respectful,… Read More


Provider led new group that is forming and will start at the end of March. Current membership reflects trans men, gnc people and those who identify with the masculine spectrum. This is a weekly group with a 12-week commitment required. Fee is $65/group. It is a space where TGNC folks can connect and share their experiences related to all aspects of gender as well as work on social skills and social anxiety…. Read More


Provider leg ongoing ongoing weekly TGNC group with membership currently reflecting trans women, gnc folks and those who identify with the female spectrum. 12-week commitment required. Fee is $65/group. It is a space where TGNC folks can connect and share their experiences related to all aspects of gender as well as work on social skills and social anxiety. It is a combination of psychodynamic process and peer support. For more information or… Read More

FREE Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group for Adults in the Kink, Poly, trans, GNC/NB, LGBQ, and Sex Work Communities

As an evidence-based treatment, DBT has been proven to effectively treat borderline personality disorder (BPD), eating disorders, treatment-resistant depression, and a variety of other disorders; “the overall goal of DBT skills training is to help individuals change behavioral, emotional, thinking, and interpersonal patterns associated with problems in living” (Linehan, 2015). DBT skills group as stand-alone treatment also has many benefits (Linehan, Korslund, Harned, Gallop, Lungu, Neacsiu, McDavid, Comtois, & Murray-Gregory, 2015; Valentine,… Read More

New York Trans Masculine Group

On February 4th, Translatinx are starting a new peer support group for community on the masculine spectrum. Please spread among your community members! This will be co-facilitated by me and my peer and Translatinx staff member, Alystair. Participants receive a metro card and a meal at every meeting. Monolingual spanish speakers are also welcome to join as our staff is bilingual and can translate during the meetings. If you or someone you… Read More

Boundaries & Self Care for Queer Caregivers

Boundaries & Self Care for Queer Caregivers is a therapeutic group for LGBTQIA+ people who struggle to care for themselves while finding it easy to care for others. This group conceives of “caregivers” as related to a broad range of experiences, including health professionals, social workers, sex workers, activists, organizers, advocates, empaths, healers, parents, and individuals who identify as struggling with people-pleasing or codependent relationship patterns. Together, we will build a community… Read More