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We’ve received your listing update, and your requested changes should be implemented by next Friday!

If you’re not already, we hope you’ll consider contributing to the maintenance costs of our expanding community. As you hopefully already know, we do not believe in gatekeeping pay walls. Instead, we’d rather create a space where collective empowerment comes from within our community. So, we’re asking whoever can to contribute what you can when you can, ideally $5 or more a month, which you can write off as an advertising expense. 

Contributions will not give you privilege or priority over anyone who is not contributing.

What your contributions will pay for:

• Website registration and hosting fees.
• Screening new provider applications.
• Website maintenance, including ongoing necessary structural updates and periodic category updates, adding new providers, and updating existing providers.
• Listserv maintenance, including adding new people to the list, and addressing any Community Guidelines concerns.
• Networking/social events.
• Admin and other associated organization and orchestration costs for all of the above and below.

What your contributions might also cover:

• People on MA who can’t afford to contribute. 
• Research and dissemination of information about interstate compacts and licensure.
• One-on-one consultation/admin support related to licensure or business operations.
• Market research.
• Business and legal consultations and support.
• Continuing education by and for our communities.
• Donations to organizations that support our communities.

Thank you again for being a part of our wonderful community!