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The Alternative Spirit Conference

March 27

​The Reverend Dr. Deb Berman, DMin, LCSW, Founder and Spiritual Director of PrideMinistry, will hold The Alternative Spirit Conference at a retreat center in Midtown Manhattan (​exact​ ​address to be disclosed by organizers directly as to protect the safety and privacy of attendees​). The conference will feature eminent Alternative Relationship, Alternative Lifestyle, Kink, BDSM, Poly, LGBTQAI2+, Queer, and Genderqueer affirming authors, psychotherapists, clergy, sexuality educators, advocates, theologians, faith community leadership, and researchers.

The conference will focus on and affirm Alternative (Alt) identities through Interfaith/ Interspiritual education, skills development, and discussion forums. Topics will include the intersection of spirituality, spiritual practice, faith communities, and Alt identities. The theme of the 2020 conference is: Spiritual Practices, Rituals, and Wisdom Paths to Affirm the Alternative Spirit.

Featured sessions include: ​Queer Virtue: A Sacred Calling​ (Reverend Liz Edman); ​Spiritual Polyamory​ (Rev. Kyle Applegate); ​What BDSM Can Teach Us About Communication and Spiritual Connection​ (Sir Vice); ​BDSM as Somatic & Ritual Healing​ (Andrea Glik, LMSW); ​Gender Transcendence​ (Rev. Yolanda); ​Hindu Ceremonial Ritual and Kirtan​ (Pandita Kushmani Pratima S. Doobay); ​The Faith Community Needs of People in Alternative Relationships ​(Rev. Dr. Deb Berman, DMin, LCSW); ​Dialogue Into the Discord​ (Rev. Cathy Bristow).

The conference will incorporate workshops, lectures, interactive discussion forums, Alt affirming Interspiritual worship services, and a Q &A panel discussion. Alt identifying participants will gain a deeper connection to Affirming spiritual practices, a greater knowledge of Alt-positive wisdom paths and faith traditions, and a sense of shared spiritual community. Clergy, leadership, administration, and counseling professionals will leave with the core concepts, resources, and practical skills with which to challenge the problematic “Welcoming” model of leadership, and move toward a more contemporary and Humanistic leadership model of authentic Affirmation.

Rev. Dr. Deb Berman says that the conference “is a groundbreaking examination of the spiritual and faith community needs of frequently overlooked, exiled, or denigrated Alternative relationship, sex, sexuality, sexual practices, and gender populations. The Alternative Spirit Conference will bring together leading faith, counseling, theology, and community experts for the purpose of clarifying Affirming spiritual practices that will bring Alt spiritual seekers into full participation within themselves, their Chosen Families, and in faith and community practice.”